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North–South Expressway Southern Route
Maintained by PLUS Malaysia Berhad with its subsidiary Projek Lebuhraya Usahasama Berhad
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Length: 310 Template:Infobox road/length link/km (Template:Rnd {{Infobox road/length link/Template:Infobox road/length toggle/km}})
Formed: 1981
History: Completed in 1994
North end: Sungai Besi,
Kuala Lumpur

Exit 1888 Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Expressway

Exit 1888 Sungai Besi Expressway

Exit 1888 Kajang Dispersal Link Expressway

Exit 1888 Template:AHN-AH North–South Expressway Central Link
'Bold text' Seremban-Bukit Nanas Highway
'Bold text' Federal Route 53
'Bold text' Jalan Senawang-Paroi
'Bold text' 'Bold text' Lebuh AMJ
'Bold text' Lebuh Ayer Keroh
'Bold text' Federal Route 23
'Bold text' Federal Route 24
'Bold text' Federal Route 50
'Bold text' Federal Route 96

Exit 1888 Template:AHN-AH Second Link Expressway
'Bold text' Federal Route 1
'Bold text' Template:AHN-AH Skudai Highway
'Bold text' Pasir Gudang Highway
'Bold text' Template:AHN-AH Tebrau Highway

Exit 1888 Johor Bahru Eastern Dispersal Link Expressway

South end: Pandan, Johor Bahru
System: Template:AHN-AH
(Nilai North Interchange – Senai North / Skudai Interchange)

(current status disputed - please refer to AH2 border crossing dispute)

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North–South Expressway (NSE) Southern Route,

Exit 1888 Template:AHN-AH is the southern part of the North–South Expressway, which is the longest expressway in Malaysia. It is joined by the

Exit 1888, and continues southward. The expressway is oriented in a north–south direction, traversing four states in Peninsular Malaysia; namely Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor.

Route backgroundEdit

The North–South Expressway Southern Route begins in the southern part of Kuala Lumpur, at Sungai Besi. Its southern terminus (Kilometre Zero) is at Pandan, Johor Bahru.

Features Edit


The Sungai Besi toll plaza has the second highest number of toll booths in Malaysia, thus making the stretch of highway at the Sungai Besi toll plaza the second widest road in Malaysia with more than 18 lanes (excluding additional toll booths) before Batu Kawan toll plaza at Penang Second Bridge which has 28 lanes. The Pagoh-Yong Peng (North) section is the longest stretch of the North-South Expressway network. This 47 kilometre stretch passes Mount Maokil and the plains of Seri Medan and Sungai Sarang Buaya.


Six-lane widening worksEdit

The Senawang Interchange and Ayer Keroh Interchange received new four lane sections in 2003. The Ayer Keroh Interchange had two lane carriageways until 2009, when it was upgraded to three and four lanes, ending at Sungai Besi commencing again at

Exit 1888 Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Expressway.

Phase 1: Seremban–SenawangEdit

In July, 2007, a six lane section from Kuala Lumpur to Seremban Interchange EXIT 218 was extended to Senawang Interchange EXIT 220.

Phase 2: Seremban–Ayer KerohEdit

The next phase of these works, the extension of the Senawang Interchange EXIT 220 to the Ayer Keroh Interchange EXIT 231 was completed in December, 2007.

Fourth lane additionEdit

On July 2010, the operator, PLUS Expressways Berhad, announced that the government had awarded contracts to build a fourth lane on a stretch from Nilai (North) to Seremban. The construction has already begin at the south bound, with its north bound will be begin soon.

EXIT 237 Bukit Gambir InterchangeEdit

An interchange between Tangkak and Pagoh Interchange is under construction. Once it is complete, there will be three interchange that will be linking from the interchanges to Muar, Johor.

EXIT 217 Seremban North InterchangeEdit

An interchange between Nilai and Seremban Interchange is under construction. Once it is complete, there will be four interchange that will be linking from the interchanges to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.


List of key points along NSE Southern Route Edit

Below is a list of interchanges (exits), laybys and rest and service areas along the NSE Southern route. The exits are arranged in ascending numerical order from North to South.

State District km Exit Name Destinations No. of
Through to Template:MES-E(2) Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Expressway
Selangor Petaling 310.0 T/P Sungai Besi Toll Plaza Six 60 km/h
L/B Sungai Besi L/B 90 km/h Southbound
L/B Shell L/B Northbound
L/B Serdang L/B Northbound
208 Serdang I/C Template:MES-E(2) Serdang-Kinrara-Putrajaya Expressway – Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, Petaling Jaya Planned
L/B Serdang L/B Southbound
L/B Petronas L/B Southbound
Hulu Langat 305.0 209 UPM I/C Template:MES-E(2) Sungai Besi Expressway – Sungai Besi, Mines Resort City, Balakong
Template:MES-E(2) Kajang Dispersal Link ExpresswayUniversiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten), Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Puchong
Template:JKR(B) Jalan SerdangUniversiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang, Seri Kembangan
303.0 210 Kajang I/C Template:MES-E(2) Kajang Dispersal Link Expressway – Kajang, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Bandar Baru Bangi, Semenyih, Bangi Government and Private Training Centre Area
211 Bangi I/C Persiaran Pekeliling – Bandar Baru Bangi, Bangi, Dengkil, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
BR Sungai Langat bridge 110 km/h
212 Southville City I/C 'Bold text' Jalan Banting-Semenyih – Southville City, Bangi, Dengkil, Putrajaya Under construction
BR Sungai Semenyih bridge
213 Putra Mahkota I/C Bandar Seri Putra, Bukit Mahkota, Nilai
Negeri Sembilan Seremban 287.6 L/B Nilai Memorial Park Southbound
287.0 L/B Nilai L/B Northbound
286.5 L/B Nilai L/B Southbound
284.5 214 Nilai North I/C Template:MES-E(2) North-South Expressway Central Link – Shah Alam, Ipoh, Klang, Damansara, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Eight Northern terminus of concurrency with Template:AHN-AH
215 Nilai I/C 'Bold text' Labohan Dagang–Nilai Route – Bandar Baru Nilai, Nilai, Pajam, Sepang
274.4 RSA Seremban RSA Southbound
272.2 RSA Seremban RSA Northbound
L/B Petron L/B Northbound
217 Seremban North I/C 'Bold text' Jalan Labu – Seremban, Labu, Tiroi Under construction
267.5 218 Seremban I/C 'Bold text' Seremban-Bukit Nenas Highway – Seremban, Bukit Nenas, Labu
BR Sungai Linggi bridge Seven 3 lanes northbound, 4 lanes southbound
260.0 219 Port Dickson I/C 'Bold text' Jalan Rasah – Seremban, Rasah, Mambau Port Dickson
256.1 220 Senawang I/C 'Bold text' Jalan Senawang-Paroi – Senawang, Seremban, Paroi, Kuala Pilah, Kajang, Semenyih Six
BR Sungai Simin bridge
249.9 L/B Senawang L/B Southbound
248.2 L/B Senawang L/B Northbound
BR Sungai Ibor bridge
Rembau 240.0 223 Pedas Linggi I/C Template:JKR(N) Jalan Pedas-Linggi – Pedas, Linggi, Rembau
BR Sungai Pedas bridge
237.0 V/P Pedas Linggi V/P Southbound
BR Sungai Keling bridge
230.3 L/B Pedas Linggi L/B Southbound
BR Sungai Rembau bridge
225.5 L/B Pedas Linggi L/B Northbound
224.0 V/P Pedas Linggi V/P Northbound
Melaka Alor Gajah BR Sungai Simpang Ampat bridge
217.0 227 Simpang Ampat I/C
(Alor Gajah I/C)
'Bold text' Lebuh AMJ – Simpang Ampat, Alor Gajah, Tampin, A Famosa Resort, Tanjung Bidara
209.9 OBR Ayer Keroh OBR Both bounds
209.9 RSA Ayer Keroh RSA Southbound
207.9 BR Sungai Melaka bridge
205.1 RSA Ayer Keroh RSA Northbound
Jasin BR Sungai Durian Tunggal bridge
195.5 231 Ayer Keroh I/C 'Bold text' Lebuh Ayer Keroh – Ayer Keroh, Hang Tuah Jaya, Malacca City, Durian Tunggal, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)
BR Sungai Ayer Panas bridge Four
185.3 L/B Kampung Bemban L/B Northbound
184.3 L/B Kampung Bemban L/B Southbound
183.6 BR Sungai Ayer Merbau bridge
233 Jasin I/C Template:JKR(M) Jalan Merlimau-Jasin – Lipat Kajang, Merlimau, Jasin
BR Sungai Chin Chin bridge
Johor Ledang BR Sungai Kesang bridge
BR Sungai Tangkak bridge
235 Tangkak I/C 'Bold text' Jalan Segamat-Muar – Tangkak, Muar, Gunung Ledang National Park, Segamat
165.0 L/B Tangkak L/B Southbound
161.6 L/B Tangkak L/B Northbound
BR Sungai Belemang Besar bridge
236 Bukit Gambir I/C Template:JKR(J) Jalan Bukit Gambir – Bukit Gambir, Serom, Panchor, Sungai Mati, Muar
Muar BR Sungai Muar bridge
146.6 RSA Pagoh RSA Northbound
BR Parit Lundang Gajah bridge
141.1 238 Pagoh I/C Template:JKR(J) Jalan Muar-Labis – Pagoh, Panchor, Bukit Kepong, Muar, Labis
BR Sungai Pagoh bridge
135.5 RSA Pagoh RSA Southbound
BR Sungai Pendendam bridge
BR Sungai Pagoh bridge
Batu Pahat BR Sungai Ayer Puteh bridge
BR Sungai Pancho bridge
BR Sungai Pancho bridge
BR Sungai Simpang Kiri bridge
108.8 L/B Yong Peng L/B Northbound
105.3 L/B Yong Peng L/B Southbound
99.9 242 Yong Peng North I/C 'Bold text' Jalan Muar-Yong Peng – Yong Peng, Labis, Segamat, Parit Sulong, Batu Pahat
BR Sungai Bekok bridge
BR Sungai Sedi bridge
95.0 243 Yong Peng South I/C 'Bold text' Template:AHN-AH Jalan Labis-Yong Peng – Yong Peng, Labis, Segamat Access from / to south only
BR Sungai Semberong bridge
80.0 244 Ayer Hitam I/C 'Bold text' Jalan Batu Pahat-Kluang – Ayer Hitam, Batu Pahat, Kluang, Mersing, Pulau Tioman, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)
Kluang 74.7 RSA Machap RSA Northbound
74.6 RSA Machap RSA Southbound
245 Machap I/C 'Bold text' Federal Route 1 – Machap
BR Sungai Machap bridge
BR Sungai Benut bridge
247 Simpang Renggam I/C 'Bold text' Federal Route 96 – Simpang Renggam, Benut, Pontian, Kukup, Tanjung Piai
54.3 L/B Simpang Renggam L/B Southbound
54.2 L/B Simpang Renggam L/B Northbound
Kulaijaya 250 Sedenak I/C Template:JKR(J) Jalan Felda Bukit Batu – Sedenak, Kelapa Sawit, Layang-Layang, Felda Bukit Batu
BR Sungai Ulu Pontian bridge
BR Sungai Pontian bridge
33.2 L/B Kulaijaya L/B Southbound
33.1 L/B Kulaijaya L/B Northbound
252 Kulaijaya I/C
(Kulai I/C)
'Bold text' Jalan Sawah – Kulai, Kota Tinggi, Gunung Pulai, Desaru
253 Senai North I/C Template:MES-E(2) Template:AHN-AH Second Link Expressway – Senai, Desaru, Pasir Gudang, Bandar Penawar, Gelang Patah, Nusajaya, Tanjung Pelepas, Tuas (Singapore)
15.0 T/P Skudai Toll Plaza 60 km/h
14.3 L/B Petronas and Mobil L/B 110 km/h Northbound
254 Skudai I/C 'Bold text' Template:AHN-AH Skudai Highway – Senai, Skudai, Johor Bahru, Woodlands (Singapore), Pontian, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Southern terminus of concurrency with Template:AHN-AH
Johor Bahru T/P Kempas Toll Plaza 60 km/h Accepts electronic toll payment (Touch 'n Go and SmartTAG) only
255A Kempas I/C Template:JKR(J) Jalan Kampung Maju Jaya – Senai
Template:JKR(J) Jalan Kempas Lama – Skudai, Kempas, Tampoi, Larkin, Johor Bahru
110 km/h
255B Setia Tropika I/C Jalan Setia Tropika Utama – Setia Tropika Northbound direction only
255C Desa Palma I/C Desa Palma, Taman Bukit Mutiara Southbound direction only
255C Bandar Dato' Onn I/C Persiaran Dato' Onn – Bandar Dato' Onn, Adda Heights, Taman Daya
0.7 256 Pasir Gudang I/C 'Bold text' Pasir Gudang Highway – Bandar Sri Alam, Pasir Gudang, Kota Tinggi, Johor Port Access from / to Pasir Gudang only
BR Sungai Bala bridge
0.0 257 Johor Bahru I/C
(Pandan I/C)
'Bold text' Tebrau Highway – Johor Bahru, Mersing, Kota Tinggi
Through to Template:MES-E(2) Johor Bahru Eastern Dispersal Link Expressway

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