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Guthrie Corridor Expressway
Maintained by Prolintas with its subsidiary Prolintas Expressway Sdn Bhd (PEX)
Length: 25 Template:Infobox road/length link/km (Template:Rnd {{Infobox road/length link/Template:Infobox road/length toggle/km}})
Formed: 2003
History: Completed in 2005
Direction: North-South
North end: Rawang South Interchange

Exit 1888 Template:AHN-AH North-South Expressway Northern Route

Exit 1888 Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Selangor Expressway
'Bold text' Federal Route 54

Exit 1888 Damansara-Shah Alam Highway

Exit 1888 Template:AHN-AH North-South Expressway Central Link

Exit 1888 Template:AHN-AH New Klang Valley Expressway
'Bold text' Template:JKR(B) Jalan Subang-Batu Tiga

South end: Shah Alam
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Guthrie Corridor Expressway, GCE,

Exit 1888 is an expressway in Klang Valley, Selangor, Malaysia. It connects Shah Alam to Rawang. The length of GCE is approximately Template:Convert (23 km (14.2 miles) on the Prolintas sections and Template:Convert on the PLUS Expressway sections). The expressway is unique in Malaysia in that all project costs, including land acquistition, were borne by the concessionaire alone. Of the land acquired, 80 percent was from plantation company Guthrie Berhad which in 2007 merged with two other companies to form Sime Darby. Today this expressway is owned by Prolintas with it subsidiaries Prolintas Expressway Sdn Bhd.

Route backgroundEdit

The Kilometre Zero of the expressway starts at Jalan Monfort junctions near Shah Alam.

History Edit

The purpose of building the expressway began on 2002 while Guthrie Berhad had become a major owner of this project after plantations and property. The construction started in 2003. The expressway was built along an oil palm estate that was owned by Guthrie Berhad too. The expressway was completed in April 2005 and commenced operations in July 2005.

In August 2007, GCE has become a subsidiary of Prolintas Expressway Sdn Bhd (PEX).

Features Edit

Toll ratesEdit

There are 3 toll plazas along Guthrie Corridor Expressway, of which it charged the same rate.

ClassType of vehiclesRate (in Malaysian Ringgit (RM))
1Vehicles with 2 axles and 3 or 4 wheels excluding taxisRM 1.40
2Vehicles with 2 axles and 5 or 6 wheels excluding busesRM 2.80
3Vehicles with 3 or more axlesRM 4.20
4TaxisRM 0.70
5BusesRM 0.70

List of Interchange and rest and service areas Edit

Below is a list of interchanges (exits), laybys and rest and service areas along the Guthrie Corridor Expressway. The exits are arranged in ascending numerical order from North to South.

State District km Exit Name Destinations Speed
Selangor Gombak 115 Rawang South I/C Template:MES-E(2) Template:AHN-AH North-South Expressway – Kuala Lumpur, Rawang, Ipoh, Penang, Alor Setar 110 km/h
T/P Rawang South Toll Plaza 60 km/h
3501 Kuang I/C Template:MES-E(2) Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Selangor Expressway (Latar Expressway) – Lumut, Kuala Selangor, Ijok, Rawang, Selayang, Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur 110 km/h
BR Pipeline crossing bridge
T/P Lagong Toll Plaza 60 km/h
3502 Lagong I/C Template:JKR(B) Selangor State Route B25 – Lagong, Kuang 110 km/h Stub interchange
BR Sungai Kundang bridge
Petaling 3503 Paya Jaras I/C 'Bold text' Jalan Kuala Selangor – Paya Jaras, Kuala Selangor, Sungai Buloh
BR Sungai Buloh bridge
T/P Elmina Toll Plaza 60 km/h
RSA Elmina RSA 110 km/h Northbound
JPJ Enforcement Station Northbound
JPJ Enforcement Station Southbound
3504 Elmina I/C Elmina
RSA Elmina RSA Northbound
3505 Bukit Subang I/C 'Bold text' Jalan Subang-Batu Tiga – Bukit Subang, Subang, Sungai Buloh 90 km/h
3505A Lagong I/C Template:MES-E(2) Damansara-Shah Alam Highway – Puncak Perdana, Puncak Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Damansara, Subang Planned
3506A Jalan Batu Arang exit Template:JKR(B) Shah Alam-Batu Arang Highway – Puncak Alam, Batu Arang, Kuala Selangor Exit from southbound only
T/P Bukit Jelutong Toll Plaza 60 km/h
3506 Bukit Jelutong North I/C 'Bold text' Jalan Subang-Batu Tiga – Bukit Jelutong, Subang, Sungai Buloh, Batu Arang 90 km/h No entry from northbound
Northern terminus of concurrency with 'Bold text'
3507 Bukit Jelutong Central I/C Template:JKR(B) Jalan Montford – Bukit Jelutong, Taman TTDI Jaya, Subang Air Force Base (TUDM Subang)
3508 Bukit Jelutong-NKVE I/C Template:MES-E(2) New Klang Valley Expressway – Klang, Port Klang, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan, Damansara, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Persiaran Astaka – Taman TTDI Jaya
Bukit Jelutong exit Persiaran Gerbang Utama – Bukit Jelutong (Section U8) Northbound
BR Sungai Damansara bridge
Through to 'Bold text' Jalan Subang-Batu Tiga

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